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MAINE Monhegan Island Lupine Sunset Fog

Monhegan Island Sunset © Mark Rasmussen

LightChase Photography offers a variety of Photography workshops and seminars, with emphasis on capturing "Magical Natural Light" throughout North America. Our seminars and workshops are unique in that they teach the photographer how to create spectacular images under difficult lighting situations. This is accomplished first by providing the photographer with an extensive understanding of light, and second by teaching the photographer to anticipate rather than react to various lighting conditions. This technique improves the photographer's chances of capturing that elusive image. Visit our tour information pages to view some examples of elusive images that your workshop leaders have captured.

LightChase Photography is committed to providing a level of excellence that allows the photographer to achieve new levels of success in their photography. Our typical policy is to have no more than eight participants per Workshop. You can be assured that LightChase Photography offers Workshops only in areas where the instructors are completely familiar with all of the photographic opportunities. Occasionally we will offer "Exploratory Tours" with special pricing for less well known areas. Workshops are offered at the optimum times of the year for each area. Mark leads all LightChase Photography's Workshops. LightChase Photography specializes in Workshops in the American West, but custom workshops can be created for many places in the United States and Canada.

LightChase Photography believes that the most important factor in photography is the capturing of nature's beauty without any form of alteration or enhancement. The photographer, regardless of the equipment used, is the most important element in creating dramatic images. The use of dramatic natural light will be emphasized in the field and in instructional sessions during the workshop. Extensive use of Polarizing Filters and Graduated Neutral Density (GND) filters will create natural images of superior quality. The lightest warming filter, an 81A, may be used occasionally to counteract a bluish cast that is created by reflected light from a blue sky, making the objects appear on film closer in color to how our eyes perceive them. All images in our Galleries have been taken using at maximum only those three types of filters and are shown without any type of computer enhancement.

MTRAINIER SunsetHigh Flowers Misty Valley
Mt. Rainier Magic © Mark Rasmussen

LightChase Photography does not use, or encourage the use of any type of enhancing or color adding filters. Field sessions will be conducted primarily during the hours when light is the most favorable - usually within several hours of sunrise and sunset. When the light is not adequate for good photography, Mark will conduct instruction on Composition, Lighting, and Exposure. Participants are encouraged to bring slides and prints for helpful comments by the instructors. Mark will also present some of their highly acclaimed programs that have inspired and educated those attending them.
We hope that you will join LightChase Photography for workshops that will provide you with breathtaking images but more importantly, give you the opportunity to be a more creative and proficient photographer.

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Edge of Dusk © Mark Rasmussen

Client Testimonials

"I've been on over 7 tours with Mark. I always have a great time! It is amazing to watch Mark in action as our fearless leader. He will look up into the sky and for about a minute he will be in deep thought, and then he will lead us to a beautiful place and instruct us to hold on to our hats because we are going to witness a spectacular sunset! And sure enough we will. I never doubt Mark and his abilities. If Mark suggest to me to sit on an edge of a cliff and wait about a half hour for the "magic light" I do it. My photography has improved tenfold with all the techniques that Mark has taught me."

Nicole Marcisz; Denver, CO


"Mark is such an inspiration for me in more than just photography…I have learned to experience the changing light. My most memorable moment has to be standing in the Virgin River right next to Mark while the glorious sunrise was reflecting off the rushing water tugging at my boots and while all this was happening I stood and looked around to see the sky was in unbelievable color in all directions!"

Paul Riewerts; Port Byron, IL


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